Our science curriculum aims for this Quranic ideal: those who are ‘Ulul Albab. In other words those who study God’s signs in nature using their mind, body, soul and revelation. The focus is on the three-fold relationship we have with God, humanity and the environment. We strive to promote a sense of Ummah, aptitude and awe as we investigate creation, understand related issues and study our scientific heritage. To think and act like a Muslim scientist is to use one’s knowledge to improve oneself, others and most importantly hold oneself accountable to God Almighty as The Creator, Owner and Lord of the Cosmos. We aim to nurture this balance in our program through study, inquiry, experimentation, self reflection and related service projects.

We are seeking a science instructor for grades ___ through ____ who can help inspire reflection, curiosity, community service, and activism in our students, while exciting them about Islam’s rich history in the field of science.