Legacy IOHS welcomes applications from high-achieving students who seek to be intellectually challenged, spiritually inspired, physically fit, and socially engaged in their local communities. If you are eager to participate in a comprehensive, holistic education program that helps you to achieve balance and excellence in all aspects of life, we welcome you to apply for the 2024-25 school year!



As you complete the online application, you will be prompted to provide the following supporting information:

  1. Transcript (current and previous year)*
  2. Behavior & attendance records (current and previous year)*
  3. Standardized test score report (current and previous year)*
  4. Contact information for two teacher references**
  5. Personal statement*
  6. Writing sample
  7. Math sample

* required

** Parents may not serve as teacher references. Acceptable references for home-schooled students include references from additional teachers or community members (e.g. Quran teacher, sports coach, scout leader).


Qualified applicants will be contacted to schedule student and parent interviews, insha’Allah.


Legacy IOHS utilizes a holistic approach to evaluate prospective candidates’ applications. We assess each student’s capacity to thrive in our rigorous online program based on the online application and supporting documents, student essay, interview(s), and test scores. While we recognize that test scores are not complete indicators of talent and intellectual ability, they do provide critical insight about a student’s general cognitive ability relative to other students, and they help to ensure that admitted students would excel in our rigorous courses.

Due to the limited number of available seats, not all qualified applicants may be able to secure enrollment for the upcoming academic year. The selection process is highly competitive, and decisions are based on a combination of factors.

Is Legacy IOHS A Good Fit For Your Child?

Legacy IOHS is a good fit for your child if:

  • You are looking for a program to support your homeschooling efforts in developing a Shakhsiyyah Islamiyyah and a Quranic worldview.
  • Your child is home schooled and seeking to be a part of an international learning community in real-time online classes, craving live, peer to peer and teacher interaction, intellectual stimulation, and engaging discourse.
  • You are looking to partner with a school that offers the highest caliber of teachers, a rigorous curriculum that is infused with the Islamic worldview, and an environment that facilitates their holistic development and growth.
  • You are looking for a more balanced and flexible schedule for your child.


Parents will receive an email when their child’s application is complete.

Please contact admissions@legacyiohs.org for any questions regarding pending applications.