We are all dreaming of living in a better world. Imagine, there are young girls and boys somewhere right now with the same dream and potential to grow up and actually make a difference. But, they need assistance and opportunity. With your support, Legacy will provide scholarships to these stars and help them rise above to become global compassionate leaders that strive to make the world better for everyone. Donate now to provide scholarships to these academically driven and Islamically inspired future leaders!

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Every parent has a vision and a hope that their child will make the world a better place. Not all parents have the ability to afford more resources and opportunity for their bright young star. At Legacy, we believe no rising star should be turned away due to financial reasons. And that is why, we are asking for your partnership in ensuring every child who can, becomes a rising star!

How will this platform make a difference?

By offering a one-of-kind rigorous college preparatory curriculum, with every subject infused with our rich Islamic heritage and spirituality, we are building the next generation of Islamically-inspired, academically-driven, global leaders. Students who wield compassion and intelligence, with a firm Islamic Worldview, ready to take on the world and solve its problems.

This Ramadan we need your help in partnership to continue our mission by offering more families access to a platform and program they can trust. Donate now to provide hundreds of high quality, engaging classes, as well as offer scholarships and financial aid to talented students with financial hardships.


As brick & mortar schools struggle to adjust in a post COVID-19 world, and hundreds of questionable online programs rush to capitalize on panicked families searching for a solution, Legacy continues to stand tall, unshaken by this new reality. Offering a rock-solid, proven online platform and a forward-thinking curricular model that combines the best of academics with the best in Islamic understanding and character, Legacy is accessible to students across the globe.


At Legacy, we raise the bar for staff and students. Our instructors are leaders in their fields, with several years of experience, a minimum Masters/PhD-level education, and strong technical competency to make the most of our robust digital learning platform.

Students receive a rigorous, college preparatory education that is engaging, thought-provoking, and pushes students to think deeply and solve problems with enthusiasm and creativity.


The central goal of the Legacy IOHS program is to equip every learner with a balanced Islamic worldview, and an engaging holistic education that inspires them to be thoughtful, compassionate believers. We aim to inspire our students to understand their role as a Khalifa (steward) on this earth.

Our holistic, integrated curriculum is infused with the Qur’anic worldview. Core subjects are intertwined with Islamic heritage and spirituality, creating an organic fusion between knowledge that is revealed and that which is acquired through reason.


Whether parents are seeking a full-time schooling alternative for their children, or wish to supplement their existing schooling model with enrichment or supplementary course work, Legacy IOHS has something for everyone!


Our premier enrollment option, full-time students are those who have tried other models and are looking for a suitable alternative to meet their complete (holistic) schooling needs. Legacy IOHS full-time students will benefit immensely from gaining a solid Islamic worldview in all subject areas, and will develop a balanced Islamic personality and lifestyle, insha’Allah.


The Legacy IOHS part-time and single course enrollment options are ideal as a supplement to traditional schooling or homeschooling. With course sections offered from early morning to late evening Central Time, USA, students seeking high quality enrichment courses will find what they need at Legacy IOHS.


Inspiration, dedication and drive are qualities that arise in students from all walks of life. Legacy opens its doors to talented students from around the globe by offering scholarships and financial aid, so that no barrier stands in the way of their success.


DONATE – Give generously to this important program. The Prophet (saw) said, ‘When a person dies, his deeds come to an end except for three: Sadaqah Jariyah (a continuous charity), or knowledge from which benefit is gained, or a righteous child who prays for him’. This Ramadan, create a legacy. Help cultivate a generation of compassionate, global leaders who will bring benefit in this life and beyond.

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