If you are a dynamic and highly experienced teacher who is passionate about integrating Islam into your teaching and are interested in teaching through our online platform, we would love to hear from you! Please submit a cover letter and resume to If your credentials match our needs, we will contact you for additional details and to schedule an interview. Interested in our current openings? Read below for more info.


  • Expertise & Experience: Legacy teachers are unique in their field. Because we strive to cultivate the best and the brightest youth of the Muslim community, we look for educators who can inspire greatness, passion, and dedication in their students and who have extensive experience and expertise in their field. We require a minimum of ___ years of classroom instruction, a degree in your field of study, and teaching certification.
  • Engaging & Inspiring: Legacy teachers have a knack for engaging and bringing out the best in every child. Their learning goes beyond the classroom and seeks to touch the hearts of their students, elevate their minds, and enable them to see through the world through an Islamic lens, building pride in their Islamic identities. Tell us about your approach to inspiring a love of learning in your students and how you integrate Islam into the classroom.
  • Faith-Guided: Legacy teachers are passionate about the faith and their lifestyle and view of education aligns with the Legacy philosophy. Our teachers are mentors and examples for our students, it’s important that the students are able to see you as a role model and that you are relatable and considerate of the challenges young people face in practicing their faith in today’s society. Share with us how your faith influences your life inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Digital Literacy: Legacy teachers must be comfortable and proficient in delivering lessons and managing student work through an online system. Virtual teaching requires special skills, not only in managing digital assets, but in keeping students engaged, motivated, and challenged; properly managing the virtual classroom; communicating with parents and staff through email, text, and virtual meetings; and taking advantage of online resources to enhance classroom learning. Do you have experience teaching through an online platform? Tell us more!

2024 – 2025 Academic Year