Legacy IOHS students enjoy the benefits of a traditional classroom from the comfort of home, the relaxing ambiance of coffee shops and libraries, or even while on exciting travels!  The first of its kind online Islamic school serving students from grades 6-12 (with full-time, part-time, and single course enrollment options), the Legacy virtual learning model is based on real-time (synchronous) instruction. This means that unlike other online Islamic schooling options that may be available, students are not isolated-merely watching videos and reading texts on their own time and electronically submitting standardized assignments and multiple-choice tests.

In contrast, Legacy IOHS students enjoy the personal touch of an elite private school: they have fixed class times for every subject, attending live lessons from expert teachers in a virtual classroom with peers from around the globe. Instruction is engaging and interactive, involving higher-order thinking skills, critical analysis, and reflection. Classes are scheduled college-style; each subject meets for 1-1.5 hours twice a week(with additional support through weekly appointments at the Writing Center and Math Tutorial Lab). Class sections for each subject account for students’ availability across varied time zones. With an average online class size of 13, students benefit from customized teaching and personalized attention.  During class, both teachers and students have camera and microphone access; seeing one’s teacher and fellow classmates all together truly creates a “virtual classroom” experience—one in which dialogue and discussion are valued and friendships are facilitated.