Here’s a breakdown of the annual and monthly costs based on the number of courses taken each year. Legacy IOHS offers big discounts (more than $5000/year) for students that enroll in 2 or more courses.

Enrollment Status Courses Monthly Tuition Annual Tuition Savings/Year
Single Course 1 $239.50 $2,395
Part-Time 2 $409.50 $4,095 $695
3 $599.50 $5,995 $1,190
Full-Time 4 $789.50 $7,895 $1,685
5 $889.50 $8,895 $3,080
6 $999.50 $9,995 $4,375
7 $1,099.50 $10,995 $5,770

Plan Benefits

Apart from providing a holistic and rigorous curriculum, Legacy IOHS provides an array of benefits and perks for students and their families.

Benefits Single Course Part-Time Full-Time
Live Classes
Social Emotional Learning Workshops
Parenting Workshops
Student Clubs
On site Meetups
School Assemblies
Recommendation Letters
Parent Coaching Sessions
College & Career Counseling Workshops
Study Abroad Opportunities
One-on-One College Counseling
Legacy IOHS Diploma

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Why It’s Worth It

  • Flexibility: Legacy offers full time, part time, and à la carte options for every family’s unique needs. Whether you’re a homeschooling family that only wants to enroll in one class at a time, or a high school student who needs a flexible schedule, you’ll find the right fit with Legacy’s different enrollment options.
  • Highly Competent Faculty: Legacy prides itself for having a “Dream Team” of teachers that offers your child a high quality and holistic education infused with the Islamic worldview. All our teachers are highly qualified, with most holding at least one Masters degree and 25% of teachers having a PhD in their respective fields.
  • Personalized 1:1 Education: With our smaller class sizes, teachers are able to provide a high level to a student’s individual learning needs. This facilitates strong relationships between learner and teacher, increases student engagement, and supports student growth.
  • Brotherhood and Sisterhood: Legacy brings together students from all over the world to connect socially, intellectually, and spiritually, creating an inclusive and globally connected community of diverse learners. Legacy IOHS also plans regular in-person meetups across the country so that students get a chance to meet their peers and have a great time together.
  • All the Extras: Just because Legacy is a virtual school doesn’t mean our students don’t have fun after school! Students enjoy a wide selection of clubs that help shape their social, artistic, and intellectual personalities. Students can be part of the National Honor Society, the Student Council, Cooking club, Chess club, and the Video Editing club among many others.

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Financial Aid

Legacy IOHS is committed to attracting, retaining, and graduating a diverse body of talented students.

Our aim is to ensure that every applicant who is admitted to our highly selective program can enroll at Legacy IOHS, regardless of family financial limitations.

To this end, we offer a number of partial tuition scholarships annually. Monthly and semester payment plans are also available.