Cultivating Compassionate Global Leaders


We strive to provide every learner with an engaging, holistic education which cultivates a balanced Islamic worldview and inspires them to become thoughtful, compassionate believers. We aim to inspire our students to become the best versions of themselves in order to fulfill their roles as Khulafaa' (stewards) on this Earth, to live their lives in Allah's obedience, and to dedicate themselves to the service of His creation (by Allah’s permission).


The Qur’anic worldview refers to the comprehensive and integrated Islamic conceptions of life, reality, existence, truth and falsehood, as revealed by Allah, in The Qur’an as a framework to serve as True Guidance for all mankind towards achieving the objectives for which they were created.


ۚالْيَوْمَ أَكْمَلْتُ لَكُمْ دِينَكُمْ 

“…I have perfected your religion for you…” – 5:3

The Qur’an is a framework of fundamental doctrines, beliefs, principles, values and norms which serves as true Guidance for mankind to achieve the objectives of their creation.

إِنَّ هَٰذَا الْقُرْآنَ يَهْدِي

“…Verily this Qur’an guides…” 17:9

In order to live a life of submission (Islam) and conformity to the Will of Allah.


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