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The ‘Grades’ page in a course’s Canvas page displays:

1. Grade weighting for the course – top right

a. Your grade is divided between 2-4 categories, depending on the course.

2. Grades on all individual assignments – main content of page

a. Each assignment listed is linked to the assignment page, where teacher comments + how you were graded using the rubric can be viewed.

b. Clicking the displays the high, low, and average grades on a given assignment.

3. Overall grades (in each category of grades + overall course grade) – bottom

The ‘Grades’ page also has a useful feature that allows you to test scores on ungraded assignments, which is helpful in determining what minimum grade you need to aim for on a project or exam, or in predicting what your final grade will be. To add a “what-if” score to an ungraded assignment, click on the spot where the grade would be (either a or   ) and enter a number. Once you add predicted grades to whichever assignments you want, scroll to the very bottom or very top to see how your grade has been affected. Once you are done, click the ‘Revert to Actual Score’ button at the top.

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