Now Accepting Applications for Grades 6-9!

Summer Programs

Legacy is pleased to offer a variety of summer course options for students in grades 6-9. Please check out our summer 2020 offerings below, and reserve your seat soon, as classes are limited to 15 spots* (first come, first serve)! The tuition for each course is $250.

*Course offering is subject to minimum course enrollment of 7 students.

Registration Deadline: June 10th

Academic Calendar

June 15: First Day of Summer Session. Do Documentaries Tell the Truth? begins.

June 16: Introduction to Urdu and Math Enrichment begin.

June 22: Qur'anic Arabic Intensive and Gems From the Seerah begin.

July 29 - July 31: Eid Al-Adha. NO CLASSES

August 7: Last Day of Summer Session


Do Documentaries Tell the Truth?

Islam places great emphasis in the ability to tell truth from falsehood, fact from fiction, and news from fake news. In this thought provoking summer course, students will learn to identify arguments that are presented according to the conventions of media literacy and, from there, proceed to analyze and assess the extent to which such arguments are valid. Technology has altered our communication in significant ways. As a result, media literacy has become an integral part of state standards in English language arts, social studies, and other subject areas. Common Core State Standards, which have been adopted by the vast majority of states, directly and indirectly incorporate the use of technology in ELA. Thus, in the ELA “classroom,” it is important to be able to develop the skills to dissect and analyze digital media as “text.” As this course is centered on informational texts as opposed to literature, we will study articles and digital media, specifically documentaries.

Seerah: Gems from the Life of the Prophet SAW

Join us on a journey through some of the most exemplary moments of the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) to understand why he was considered the best of mankind. This class will discuss various incidents and stories throughout the life of the prophet Muhammad (SAWS), each of which highlights one of his unique qualities. The objective is to help students build a deeper bond with the man we call our beloved (SAWS) and see how he earned that title. It will also serve as a stepping stone for Tafseer students to contextualize some of the major incidents during the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) in light of revelation. This road map of his blessed life sets the foundation for Legacy's unique Tafseer "in order of revelation" class that is offered during the school year.

Math Enrichment

This course is designed for students who wish to refresh foundational math concepts to prepare for Pre-Algebra. This course is also for those who may find gaps in their knowledge, or simply want more practice in preparation for Pre-Algebra. Over the course of 8 weeks students will revisit key concepts, engage in real time practice paired with teacher guidance, and build critical foundations in the following target areas inshaAllah: ratios/percentages, decimals/fractions, negative numbers, LCM, GCF, expressions, rational numbers, and data sets.

Introduction To Urdu

Learning a second or third language fosters a productive and intellectual mind. When choosing a language, why not consider the language of parents and relatives? Why not choose a language that has close roots to the Quran? Bridge the generational gap, connect to the Quran, and open an entire world of stories and traditions by learning Urdu. This class will expose your child to the Urdu language (written and spoken) and culture of the region. Beginning with learning about themselves, learners will also showcase family members, and then reach out to the community with what they’ve learned. From phrases to words, students will be able to campaign for a cause of their choice based on what people need. Students will build vocabulary and learn grammatical constructs in order to plan the project. Throughout the class differentiated learning and enrichment will be offered to all learners. Workbooks will need to be purchased and printed from the PDF link that will be provided to students.

Qur'anic Arabic Intensive

Connect with your Creator. This is a crash course designed to introduce students to the tools they need to start connecting with the Quran without dependency on a translation inshaAllah. Students will cover basic Nahw and Sarf; This includes deconstructing and comprehending the 2 types of sentences: nominal (ism) and verbal (fi’l) sentences. We will also study verbs and basic changing patterns. Students will build Qur’anic vocabulary based on most frequently occurring words, be introduced and learn how to navigate a classical Arabic dictionary, work on typing in Arabic using the Arabic keyboard, and engage in fun class practice/ homework exercises inshaAllah. Note: This is not a speaking/hifdh course; speaking and memorization are their own skills. The primary intent is reading comprehension Prerequisites: Student must know basic reading of Arabic