Whether you are seeking a full-time schooling alternative for your child, or wish to supplement his/her existing schooling model with enrichment or supplementary course work, Legacy IOHS has something for everyone!  Please read about each of our enrollment options below and select which plan works best for you and your family. To learn about the tuition and fees for each enrollment option, click here.

4-6 courses 2-3 courses 1 course
8-12 live classes per week 4-6 live classes per week 2 live classes per week
office hours & academic support office hours & academic support office hours & academic support
academic advising academic advising academic advising
leadership & personal development leadership & personal development leadership & personal development
invitation to in-person events invitation to in-person events invitation to in-person events
college counseling
graduation with Legacy IOHS diploma

* Need- and merit-based financial aid is available.


Our premier enrollment option, full-time students are those who have tried other models and are looking for a suitable alternative to meet their complete (holistic) schooling needs. Legacy IOHS full-time students will benefit immensely from gaining a solid Islamic worldview in all subject areas, and will develop a balanced Islamic personality and lifestyle, insha’Allah. Check out a sample full-time schedule.

Full-time enrollment is ideal if:

  • your child is a home schooled student seeking to be a part of an international learning community in real-time online classes, craving the sort of live, peer/teacher interaction, intellectual stimulation, and engaging discourse that students in high quality brick-and-mortar public or private schools enjoy.
  • your Islamic school doesn’t offer the caliber of teachers and curriculum that your child needs to be intellectually fulfilled.
  • your child has attended public schools and seeks more specialized attention in a morally sound environment.
  • your child just wants to live the dream student schedule: pray tahajjud (night prayers), complete Fajr (dawn) prayers with tranquility followed by a period of reflection and dhikr, log on for an online morning math class in pajamas, pray salah ad-Duha and eat breakfast, go for a bike ride with her pet cat, tune in to social studies class at noon,  eat lunch with you and her younger brother, pray Asr at the masjid and attend her girls’ only gymnastics class with friends, and log in to her motivational Islamic studies class at 6 pm…


The Legacy IOHS part-time and single course enrollment options are ideal as a supplement to traditional schooling or homeschooling.  With course sections offered from early morning to late evening Central Time, USA, students seeking high quality enrichment courses will find what they need at Legacy IOHS.

Part-time and single course enrollment may be a good option for you if:

  • your child is a strong Muslim who would like to continue at his public school and would like to complete our engaging Islamic studies and Arabic language course sequences
  • your child’s Islamic school does not offer a gifted track and your child would like to take advanced courses offered from the Islamic worldview.
  • you home school your child and are qualified to teach a couple of core subjects and you’d like him to complete the remaining course(s) through Legacy IOHS
  • your child loves math (or any subject) and would like to get ahead to be able to take university level courses before graduating from high school, to accelerate higher education studies.