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Who We Are

Born out of a desire to make the highest quality secondary education accessible to all, Legacy IOHS is the first of its kind, pioneering a global, synchronized online learning experience, par excellence, for Muslims students in grades 6-12. Legacy is proud to bring together sublime Islamic values, a Qur'anically infused rigorous curriculum, the most qualified teachers, and modern technology to deliver first-rate education.


Legacy IOHS founders have designed a program that aims for Ihsan (excellence) in every aspect of our educational model. Experience the Legacy IOHS Advantage: exceptional teachers, unique curriculum, transformational learning experience, highly talented students, and an opportunity to live the dream Muslim student life. Discover what makes Legacy IOHS unique.


Our goals are lofty: to graduate generations of talented, compassionate leaders equipped to provide guidance and stewardship to all around them, in every sphere of life: academic, moral, spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, and professional. Read about our educational philosophy.


Using an online platform with synchronous, live delivery of courses, Legacy IOHS students will have access to the most talented instructors in every subject area. Legacy’s college-preparatory curriculum seeks to graduate students who will succeed regardless of what discipline they pursue upon graduation. Whether medicine, engineering, law, social work, the arts, Islamic studies or any other field, we anticipate that Legacy IOHS graduates will have the potential to thrive at the most competitive universities around the globe and succeed at the highest levels in both professional and personal settings. Explore our virtual campus.