Rabbani, Tahira

Tahira Rabbani received her bachelor’s in Writing and Secondary Education from William Paterson University and has completed her master’s in Hindi-Urdu Pedagogy from Kean University. By using project-based learning and unique materials ideal for heritage language learners, she makes learning Urdu relevant and motivating. Similarly, in the Language Arts classroom, she strives to find unique aspects of literature that pertain to Islam and current events. She is an advocate of voice and choice so students will have ample opportunity to express themselves.

When not busy creating her own workbooks and storybooks, she is an avid reader and writer. She enjoys hikes, homeschooling (since 2010), and leading her local Girl Scout troop (since 2011). In all these roles, she has always found Allah to guide her in her endeavors, and now insha’Allah in the Legacy classroom, she hopes to pass the reminders on to others.