Kazi, Shaheen

Shaheen Kazi received her Master’s in Public Policy (MPP) from Georgetown University, where she had also earned her Bachelor’s in Science, Technology, and International Affairs. Through her work for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, she was recognized in a federal publication for her research on minority access to healthcare.  She worked for the Environmental Protection Agency as a National Network for Environmental Management Studies Fellow, overseeing the implementation of environmentally preferable purchasing for federal agencies. She also assisted innovative companies to bring their “green” products to the federal marketplace.

In the field of volunteer work, Shaheen started volunteering from middle school through activities ranging from teaching refugees English to assisting the League of Women Voters conduct research on voter opinion in Oklahoma.  While in college, she was a pioneer in assisting colleges and universities nationwide to gain Muslim accommodations (halal food, chaplains, housing, prayer spaces, and more) through her work with MSA National as Muslim Accommodations Task Force Chair. Her years in activism in this field culminated in receiving a grant from the NCCJ September 11 Anti-Bias Fund.  She also presented her research findings about Muslim accommodations at a NAFSA Association of International Educators Conference, and was invited by Princeton University to help create guidelines for hiring a Muslim chaplain.