Farrukh, Saba

Saba Farrukh is a passionate artist, lifelong learner, and a committed teacher with over 22 years of teaching experience. She earned a Master’s degree in English Language Arts and an additional degree in Fine Arts. Sr. Saba is passionate about integrating the Quranic Worldview into the Arts and has taught Art to elementary, middle, and high school students in Islamic schools since 1998. Her inspiration for painting and calligraphy comes directly from Qur’anic verses and from the beauty and harmony found in nature.

Sister Saba’s passion for teaching continued even when she was recognized as an artist and launched her own website, through which she was able to reach out to an international audience, selling more than 200 pieces of art around the world. Her work can be viewed at wallpaintingz.com. She loves painting as much as teaching and her enthusiasm and positive attitude are contagious, masha’Allah.