Abdus-Salaam, Nzinga

Nzinga Abdus-Salaam found her passion in teaching while raising her eight children and four step-children. She holds a B.A. in Russian, an M.A. in Slavic Languages, and completed all the coursework for a Ph.D. in Linguistics, from the ivy-league University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia PA. It was then that she found Islam and returned to get an M.Ed. from Antioch University – Philadelphia and began a teaching career that has spanned 30 years. She has taught all grade levels from kindergarten to university in public, private, Islamic, home-school, university and private tutorial environments. Most recently, she taught ELA in the all-girls Islamic school Qalam Collegiate Academy in Richardson, Texas. Her approach is to develop what her students need to be successful, inspiring them to achieve their best.

That approach developed from her technology education, counseling and academic advising backgrounds and in working with English as a Second Language (ESL) for a number of years both within the US and overseas. Reading has always been a passion. So, combining that with an Islamic perspective and worldview while guiding students in analyzing text and expressing themselves orally and in writing are focal points for her class instruction. Because she has lived and traveled in the USA, Senegal, Germany, the West Indies, Saudi Arabia, and other parts of West Africa, and learned to speak various world languages, she is also able to bring this perspective to her class teaching to enrich the experience for her classes and to develop future leaders for the Islamic world.