Goda, Nour

Nour Goda is an alumni of Connecticut College where she studied English and Religious Studies. She holds a master’s degree in English Education and has been working in public, private, and charter schools since 2008. Nour also holds a Montessori Administrator’s credential and served as a Montessori school administrator for three years. She is currently pursuing the Islamic Essentials program with Darul Qasm.

Sister Nour is a very talented and experienced language arts teacher who earned many accolades including, “teacher of the year” in the Bronx, NY. She is an avid student of knowledge with a strong connection to the Islamic Worldview and she actively shares her knowledge and expertise with the Muslim ummah across the nation. Nour has delivered lectures at Connecticut College, CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice, George Mason University, Harvard University, and the Lawrenceville School. She has also spoken at mosques, the NJ Dawah Conference, and has co-hosted several events at the Texas Dawah Convention in Houston.