Accepting Applications for Grades 6-9 from January 15th!

Legacy Connect

Legacy Connect is an asynchronous, affordable learning option for students who cannot attend our live classes, but would still like to benefit from our stellar curriculum taught by expert teachers. Legacy Connect registrants will listen to the same course lectures as our live students; however, they will not be able to participate in classroom discussions or interact with teachers, since they will not be joining class live, but rather listening to and viewing class recordings.

Unlike Legacy International students, Legacy Connect program participants do not need to apply for admissions since they will not be a part of our school’s “virtual classroom”. Simply register for courses by completing our Legacy Connect registration form. As a Legacy Connect student, you will have access to recorded video lectures and a list of accompanying course readings required for purchase.

Students who register for the Legacy Connect Testing & Certificate Service will also have the opportunity to (1) take proctored midterm and final exams and (2) receive an electronic Certificate of Completion for each course, for an additional fee.

**Students who register for the LegacyConnect Testing and Certificate Service (TCS) will have their midterm and final exams graded by Legacy instructors, and will receive a certificate of completion and grade report for the course if they earn a passing grade. LegacyConnect TCS is an additional $200/course.
Legacy IOHS Legacy Connect
Live, interactive classes Access to recorded lectures only
Instructor-led classroom experience Parent-guided self-paced study
Grade tracking & course management **
Office hours & academic support
College counseling
Graduate with Legacy IOHS diploma **
Invited to in-person events Invited to in-person events

Registration Process

  1. Fill out the LegacyConnect registration form:

    Register Now

  2. You will receive enrollment confirmation and payment information within 48 hours.