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Special Programs

At Legacy, we believe that education is not one-size-fits-all, and a variety of delivery options can help to meet the scheduling needs of each individual student. We highly encourage students to enroll in our premier program-Legacy International Online School- so that they may experience a diverse, global student community through our live classes. However, we offer a number of other learning options to meet the varying needs of students and Islamic schools.

School Subscriptions

School subscriptions are available to full-time Islamic schools, weekend & evening programs, home school coops, and hifdh programs seeking to outsource supplementary courses for a group of students. For example, if your school does not have a qualified 7th grade Science teacher for the upcoming school year, Legacy International is here to help you fill your needs. Only a limited number of school subscriptions are available for the 2019-2020 school year.


Learning in small class settings is engaging and intellectually fulfilling; however, some students need additional support. Others have unique learning needs that cannot be met in a group environment. Legacy’s one-on-one tutoring program provides a much needed solution for students seeking such support. Whether you are a registered Legacy Connect student seeking additional support, homeschooled, or enrolled in another school or program, Legacy Tutors can help you with challenging math problems and difficult assignments, guide you through a lesson, or meet with you regularly to help you complete an entire course.


Legacy is proud to bring many of the world’s top educators together in one place through our online platform. Insha’Allah we look forward to offering a number of workshops both online and in person to schools, educators, and parents. Please stay tuned for our workshops(free and fee based) that will launch in Fall 2019! To receive updates, please join our mailing list to be among the first to benefit from the expertise of top-notch Muslim educators!

Retreats & Travel

Legacy International students and their families will have multiple opportunities throughout the school year and during the summers to connect with their peers through Legacy Regional Meetups, Legacy Spiritual Retreats, and Legacy Educational Travels. Insha’Allah we look forward to enriching students’ academic studies with real-life experiences that will enable them to meaningfully reflect upon their journeys of knowledge, faith and action.