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Course Sequence

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

History 6th to 8th Grade

HIST 006: Islamic History In A Global Context
HIST 007: History of the World & Contemporary Global Studies
HIST 008: The United States in the World

English 6th to 8th Grade

ENGL 006: Foundations of Writing & Textual Interpretation
ENGL 007: Foundations of Literary Analysis
ENGL 008: Fundamentals of Argumentation & Logic

Science 6th to 8th Grade

SCI 006: Stewardship: Earth & Environmental Science
SCI 007: Miracle of Creation: Life Science
SCI 008: In Perfect Balance: Conceptual Physics & Chemistry

Mathematics 6th to 8th Grade

MATH 001: Enriched Mathematics // MATH 002: Pre-Algebra // MATH 003: Algebra I // MATH 004: Geometry **placement based on prior study and test results

Arabic 6th to 8th Grade

ARBC 001: Preliminary // ARBC 002: Beginners // ARBC 003: Intermediate // ARBC 004: Advanced **placement based on prior study and test results

Islam 6th to 8th Grade

ISLM 006: Fundamentals of Exegesis & Worship I
ISLM 007: Fundamentals of Exegesis & Worship II
ISLM 008: Fundamentals of Exegesis & Worship III