Experience the Legacy Advantage

Exceptional Teachers

Expert instructors with

  • Masters/Ph.D/5+ years of teaching experience
  • Balanced Islamic framework
  • Islamic pedagogy used in teaching

Integrated Curriculum

  • A holistic, integrated curriculum infused with the Qur’anic worldview
  • Core subjects intertwined
  • An organic fusion between knowledge that is revealed and that which is acquired through reason

Flexible Schedule

Students can live a balanced Islamic lifestyle while still pursuing extracurricular interests (full-time hifdh, sports, etc.)

Nurturing Conviction

Students will study Muslims’ contributions to humanity throughout history and will develop rational arguments to contemporary challenges facing Islam and Muslims.

Cultivating Compassion

Cultivating compassion--with Harvard's Graduate School of Education--through targeted SEL strategies to promote key social, emotional, and ethical capacities.

Service Learning

Developing noble character and leadership skills while having an impact on the local community.

Global Student Body

An opportunity to interact with highly talented students from around the world.